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“HealthPost has been successfully deployed across several large healthcare organizations in a relatively short time period and has proven to consistently deliver significant ROI for healthcare organizations, while revolutionizing access to care for patients and referring providers and improving healthcare delivery in communities across the country. We look forward to partnering with Next Wave Health to accelerate our progress.”


“One of Ivo’s strengths is that he sees beyond the ripples. He predicts tsunamis. His accurate intuition is well known and respected throughout the industry. He also has an incredible work ethic, and is unafraid to ask the difficult question. When we started Encore, he and I met with 160 healthcare executives and asked them what they wanted from the company. With their input –- and his sense of what was next in our industry– Encore has flourished.”


Over time, we realized that the key to continued success was to refocus on patients. That’s where Ivo Nelson came in. He understood that technology was not a means to an end, but a way to improve healthcare delivery to patients, which would result in a stronger patient-provider relationship. To that end, we asked him to join our board of advisors nearly three years ago and his insights have helped our business become even stronger.



A lot of great ideas are often right under your nose. It’s a matter of taking something you’ve been doing and expanding that idea into a national company. That’s where Next Wave Health can help. Ivo Nelson was one of the first people I sought out for the Board. Ivo is a smart, pragmatic visionary, and ultimately helped make us a better company.

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