Ivo Nelson, Chairman-Introducing Next Wave Connect

Friends and Colleagues,


Finally, after over a year’s worth of talking to more than 100 executives in the healthcare industry, months of planning, a year of development, and recruiting one of the best teams of professionals I’ve ever worked with in my career—we’re launching!


Introducing Next Wave Connect (CONNECT).


My friends at Sutter Health, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Rush University Medical Center, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Sharp Healthcare and 25 other major health systems have signed master agreements with Next Wave Connect. Our community managers will work with them in setting up communities of peers to collaborate in solving the many regulatory and legislative challenges we face today.


Additionally, Jon Manis, Jeffrey Ferranti M.D., Rick Skinner, Marc Probst, Ed Marx, Dana Sellers, Paul Alcala, Rod Dykehouse, Lac Tran, Jon Burns, Joe Nichols M.D., and many other accomplished healthcare professionals have signed on to be Advisory Council Experts (ACE’s) and will be frequently providing their insights into the industry in support of our Community Advisors—Mike Davis, Lynn Vogel, Dave Garets, Tom Smith, and Drex DeFord.


Under the leadership of Drex DeFord as CONNECT’s CEO, Doug Cusick (VP Community Management), Loring Kaveney (VP Marketing & Sales), Mike Davis (EVP Research & Analytics….) and Eric Lopez (CEO of Smart Social Media) will make up the core of an outstanding management team.


CONNECT will use the first enterprise social networking platform (driven by SSM 2.0) designed specifically for the healthcare industry.


And as you know, healthcare is unique:


We share.

We collaborate.

We want to learn from each other.


And now we have a company that will make that easy for you. I couldn’t be more excited.



Ivo Nelson

Executive Chairman

Next Wave Connect

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