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The Advisors are preeminent leaders in healthcare information technology.

Our team of executives played central roles in forming the modern-day HIT landscape over the past several decades, setting the bar in HIT leadership, management, technology, information security, business intelligence and organizational development.

The Advisors partner with today’s healthcare providers, solution companies and strategic investors to launch their organizations into long-term organizational, technological and financial success.

Healthcare is expected to serve as the next economic wave of technological innovation in the US and abroad over the next century – with periods of growth and periods of decline.

Today, healthcare organizations, industry and leadership are at a pivotal point – looking to technology as a means to achieve stability and near term survival.

Stability within healthcare is just the starting line.

Identifying and preparing for the next wave is the difference between merely achieving stability, and capitalizing over the next several decades. In order to foresee and rise with the next wave(s), in order to know where you’re going, you need to understand where you’ve been.

The Advisors have been setting the bar in healthcare and shaping the landscape over the past several decades as first-movers – from early-adoption to reform and innovation.

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