MedSynergies, Inc., partners with health care organizations and physicians to improve processes, optimize technology and build trusted patient relationships through a complete alignment strategy based on its MSIGHT™ solutions suite. MedSynergies serves more than 8,000 providers and their patients across the United States, accounting for more than 12 million visits annually.

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, John R. Thomas, has been a healthcare IT and finance leader for nearly 25 years. Prior to the launch of MedSynergies in 1996, John served as Vice President of the Health Care Finance Group for Bank One. He speaks regularly before industry groups, is a member of the Dallas/Fort Worth Health Industry Council and serves on the Foundation Board for the Dallas County Community College District.

John’s big idea for healthcare came about when a 28-physician practice asked for help to improve their back-end operations. Says John, “The simple answer was that we needed to do two things: see patients more efficiently, and do it in a way that was more financially viable. Everything has grown from that basic concept.”

John continues: “Over time, we realized that the key to continued success was to refocus on patients. That’s where Ivo Nelson came in. He understood that technology was not a means to an end, but a way to improve healthcare delivery to patients, which would result in a stronger patient-provider relationship. To that end, we asked him to join our board of advisors nearly three years ago and his insights have helped our business become even stronger.”

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