HealthPost provides cloud-based search and booking solutions for healthcare systems, hospitals, payers, emergency rooms, medical practices, and other outpatient services. HealthPost delivers revenue growth and cost reduction opportunities to healthcare providers of all types, with convenience and efficiency for patients.

HealthPost grew from Chief Executive Officer Omar Alvi’s experiences in distributed e-commerce and interactive marketing at Continental Airlines, AOL and Memorial Hermann Healthcare System.

Based on experiences from various consumer-facing industries, Omar realized that there was an opportunity to apply insights from travel and digital media into the healthcare industry and decided to create HealthPost with a mission of being a strategic growth and care coordination partner for the nation’s most progressive healthcare organizations.

Says Omar, “HealthPost has been successfully deployed across several large healthcare organizations in a relatively short time period and has proven to consistently deliver significant ROI for healthcare organizations, while revolutionizing access to care for patients and referring providers and improving healthcare delivery in communities across the country. We look forward to partnering with Next Wave Health to accelerate our progress.”

He continues, “Next Wave Health brings unique experience, relationships and expertise to HealthPost. They have solid experience launching, scaling and selling healthcare IT companies. Their advice, mentoring and general business support are critical to our success.”

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