Encore Health Resources provides a comprehensive lifecycle of HIT services to help clients answer the challenges of healthcare reform. Encore complements its seasoned consultants with proven methodologies and unique analytics software tools to achieve value-based performance improvement.

One of the fastest-growing consulting firms in the industry, Encore has been named one of Modern Healthcare’s “Best Places to Work in Healthcare” three years in a row.

Before starting Encore in 2009, Chief Executive Officer Dana D. Sellers served as president and COO of Healthlink, a company she was involved with for 13 years.

Dana has always been a forward-thinking leader. Working with Ivo in the early 1990s, she became convinced that the concept of clinical transformation would revolutionize the healthcare industry. With this understanding, Healthlink focused on assisting healthcare systems in improving quality, enhancing services, and reducing costs through the effective alignment of people, process, and technology. The idea paid off; Healthlink was the nation’s largest privately held, provider-focused healthcare information systems consulting firm when IBM acquired it in 2005.

Later, Dana credits Ivo with helping her see that healthcare organizations were ready to begin maximizing the true value of the clinical, quality assurance and reimbursement data they had been accruing for nearly two decades.

Says Dana, “One of Ivo’s strengths is that he sees beyond the ripples. He predicts tsunamis. His accurate intuition is well known and respected throughout the industry. He also has an incredible work ethic, and is unafraid to ask the difficult question. When we started Encore, he and I met with 160 healthcare executives and asked them what they wanted from the company. With their input –- and his sense of what was next in our industry -– Encore has flourished.”

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