There is an unprecedented level of change in the healthcare industry today.

ACO’s, Meaningful Use, Population Health Management, clinical integration… the list goes on and on. New services and tools will be needed to address this change. While some change will come from big names in the healthcare industry, many solutions will come from forward-thinking entrepreneurs.

Here’s the deal: that flash of creativity – no matter how brilliant – doesn’t lead directly to business success. You need capital to turn your idea into a product or service. You need business wisdom: advisors with decades of healthcare experience and proven success turning great ideas into profitable businesses. And you need someone to take care of the day to day stuff so you can focus on the big picture and get your idea up and running.

Next Wave Health is focused on start-up and early stage companies that need more than money. These companies need access to experience that only comes from people who have done it before. People who have walked in their shoes. People who know how to build teams and understand that growing a company is all about taking the next right steps.

We exist to grow the next big idea. And today, that idea may only exist on a whiteboard.

What can we help you with?

Oftentimes, new ventures fail because the leaders are too focused on the idea and forget about all the “stuff” it takes to run a company—Human Resources, Accounting, Legal, etc. This “stuff” shouldn’t take up your time and energy. You should be out meeting prospects and talking to people to drum up excitement about your product or idea! Not worrying about payroll or drafting legal contracts.

That’s where Next Wave Health comes in! Our team of dedicated individuals will worry about all the “back office” support so you can go out and bring in the big bucks!

Human Resources

Human resources is one of the most vital functions an organization needs to ensure success. But who has time for that, right? We do! We’re here to manage all of your HR needs from onboarding new personnel to administering the employee handbook! Next Wave Health’s HR team will make sure nothing falls through the cracks so you are free to focus on the big picture of your business.


Finding the right people to trust with your new business goals can be a stressful and time consuming task. When you partner with Next Wave Health you will have access to our on staff recruiter who can help you find just the right people and advise you on salary expectations so you can be a competitive employer.


Forecasting, budgeting and keeping track of the various expenses your business will incur can become a daunting task. Our staff can efficiently get your books in order and help to secure your financial management. Next Wave Health provides a variety of accounting services. We can manage vendor contracts, consolidate reports, oversee budgeting, manage incoming and outgoing expenses and assets, and manage billing and collections. Overseeing your finances won’t be a struggle when you’re in the capable hands of Next Wave Health.


Need help navigating the legal minefield of starting a business? That’s what we’re here for! Next Wave Health can help you with incorporating your business, trademarking your brands and all the legal documentation along the way. We can draft your consulting contracts, non-disclosure agreements, restricted stock agreements and more. Next Wave Health can also provide you with access to top-shelf legal support.

Sales Support and Marketing

This should be one of the first things you think about when starting a new business, but it often gets pushed to the backburner as you attempt to get things up and running at full sprint. Next Wave Health can take on some of this burden by setting you up with sales support tools like a CRM, document signing tools and market research databases. We can also help you develop and implement a customized marketing and PR strategy designed to reach your specific target. Some of these solutions are completely turnkey so you can get started right away, but all of them are completely customizable for your business needs.

IT Support and General Office Operations

Starting a business is like 3 fulltime jobs in one. Setting up even the basic office operations—like company email, intranets and networks—is not a good use of your time, but absolutely essential to the success of your business. Next Wave Health can get you set-up with all the necessities of running an office, whether that office is physical or virtual with your employees spread out across the country, or world.

What else?

We know that every business is different and needs will change from product to product. We are a nimble group of smart people who are excited about YOUR idea. We are eager to try new things and stretch our necks out a bit to see you succeed. In fact, one of our core values is to have employees that aren’t afraid to “figure it out” and think BIG.

Let’s get together and talk about your BIG idea, and we will strive to fill in the gap wherever it exists. If you don’t think Next Wave Health can help you make it to the next level, maybe you aren’t thinking big enough. We can help with that too.


Tell us your big idea!

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Submit Your Big Idea

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